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"So Help Me God."

The Strength of Conviction
And Commitment to the Constitution
Is Who We Are.  The United States Military.

Your Oath…

Conviction. Commitment.
It’s Who You Are.

Since 1776, all officers have sworn an oath to this country and the cause of Freedom. Now, you can display your oath with pride!

*Great Seal of the United States
*Your Name  *Commissioning Rank *Service  *Your Signature
*Date of Commissioning

Elegantly etched in silver anodized aluminum.  Mounted over a shiny silver plate on ebony plaque. 6” x 8”.

Only $97 plus S&H

Send check with Name, Address, Phone, Rank at Commissioning, Service, Date of Commission and your 4” Signature in black on white paper. Add $12 for shipping & handling. In Maryland, add 5% tax.

Enclose check payable to “Oath”. 

P.O. Box 8222 
Charlottesville, VA 22901 



Your Personalized Oath,
Elegantly Etched On A
Silver Plate, Commemorates
Your Steadfast Dedication to
The United Sates of America.
The Officer's Oath Plaque